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The  eTown project aims to bring every aspect of our community together online. This website allows local people, local businesses and clubs to create public profiles and contribute to the development or our community online. To learn more about the project click “About eTown” click here.

Question: Explain the difference between “Personal Profile” & “Directory Profile”

A “Personal Profile” is the account that is initially set up and contains your username and password. This type of account is available to everyone in our community. Its with this account you can buy goods, add friends, participate in forums and so on.

A “Directory Profile” is the public listing of a business or a organisation in the community directory (click here). People must create a “Personal profile” before they can create a directory listing.  Once set up, the user has the permission to:

* Edit and manage their contact details, description, photo albums
* Manage reviews from website users
* Create and manage offers and listings
* Create and manage an event calender
* Receive online queries
* Embed a customised booking form into their profile
* Sell directly to people in the community

How to get your business / organisation listed

If your organisation is not yet listed in the directory then

* Login to your personal profile

* Then navigate to the directory registration page click here and fill in the relevant fields. (note once this is submitted it is sent to website administrator for approval)

If your business or organisation is already listed on the site and you wish to “claim” control of this listing simply message the eTown administrator (click here) with your “Personal Profile” username and also the name of the business you wish to claim.


a) We advise to create a user profile specifically to manage a directory listing, as such the user name of the personal profile show also be the business name for clarity.

b) Only business and organisation from the locality are eligible to create a profile on this website.

How to get list an event on the site

To list an event on our local events calender simply message us.

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